Each dog creation takes much patience and awareness of the breed. If I am not entirely familiar with a particular breed i take a trip to the local park and study the behaviour and characteristics of that breed.

The whole process from start to finish is lengthy and requires patience and focus on the character I create.

I generally list my creations in auctions on eBay, my newest creation's can be viewed on my blog or alternatively you can view them on facebook or deviant art.

Each miniature is handsculptured with polymer clay. I inset the tiny glass eyes prior to curing in the oven. Each dog can take up to 4 stages of curing in the oven before I am completely content with the bare sculpture, prior to furring.

The furring process is very precise and requires much patience as layers have to dry in-between and I also clip as I go (dust mask a must!).

The final piece is accurately clipped and facial features enhanced.